About - Terry Hammond

About me

I'm a completely self-taught photographer from the UK, specializing in portraits and headshot photography. Over the coming months, I'll be trying my hand at fashion photography! I started my own magazine too called Photomappers.

Originally I started an online course and found I could learn a whole lot more from YouTube and books. I quit the course and went it alone. After a few years, I took a Harvard University course/test just to see if I could pass it, and without studying, I passed! 

My route into photography started with landscapes. Having an interest (with a little experience) in extreme sports, and being a music lover, I started shooting BMXing and live music.

Getting in to live concerts was/is very hit and miss as a freelance photographer. The only way to really get in is to have credentials. I contacted a few music-based publications and heard basically the same thing from each. That being "we have in-house/staffer photographers that are our go to's". Being proactive, I started my own publication! 

I'm super excited to see where this path takes me!


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