Instagram learning curve - Terry Hammond

Instagram learning curve

First and foremost, I'll just put it out there that I suck with social media. I have mini spats where I decide that I will post regularly, follow people and create some engagement with everything. Problem is, I never do it! 

I've deleted my Facebook photography page because of the lack of use, and in my opinion, the only people that check Facebook pages nowadays are people looking for cheap weddings. Everything seems to revolve around Instagram for the most part.

As you may or may not be aware, I'm rebranding myself as a people photographer. This means being a serious editor and only showing the work I want to be known for. Uploading a few new photos this week, I didn't get too much engagement. This needed to change! 

I spent a little time in liking other people's photos and commenting on them too to try and bring traffic my way.. But it didn't really affect anything! Bots and other super short-term boosting solutions wasn't an option! The only thing left was to follow people. I didn't wan't to be seen as the person with 200 followers, but following 2,000,000.. 

However, following people generated a hell of alot of engagement. I had likes, comments and followers myself! I think my follower count went up by around 250 in a few hours! What I didn't realize though, was after liking, commenting or following a certain amount in a short period of time, you will get you blocked. Apparently, this lasts just 24 hours, but it is super irritating! At the moment I'm only a few hours in, so I can't comment on if the 24-hour thing is true yet, but I'd hope so!

As you can see from the featured photo, my follower count is still super low, for now. I feel as though I've found a way to actually increase my presence on Instagram. You hear that adding good content, consistently etc will build your audience, but doing that alone didn't get me anywhere. When I'm unbanned I'll start to follow and like more stuff and report back in a few weeks!

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