My newly found love for portraits - Terry Hammond

My newly found love for portraits

Portraits never have really been my expertise in photography. I would prefer the relative isolation of landscapes or capturing the action shooting gigs. However, my fiancee and her friend asked me if I'd do a few photos for them, and I obliged. 

The week running up to their shoot, I was getting anxiety from over thinking everything. I had lighting situations running through my head, and all possible poses and cues in the world to remember. What the heck had I agreed to?! You see I try to be the best possible at most things I do, so I had put a huge amount of pressure on myself to deliver some kick-ass photos, and being a fully fledged professional whilst doing so! Small feat...

I crammed so much knowledge on posing that when the day came, I again, got anxiety over which poses to do! In the end, I made myself start from scratch and opt for a simple one light set up with no preset poses. Voila! I had made everything feel easy with this ridiculously simple step!

After a few test shots the photos we were getting started to resemble something that looked half decent. Not perfect, but not rubbish either!

A little fettling around with light positions and the results were something I was actually proud of! Who'd have thought?! This sparked a desire to shoot more people and perfect the subtleties of lighting and posing. 

Fast forward 2 months and I've done a portrait shoot nearly every weekend. I'm pretty certain that I learn twice as much each week! With this new love, I've decided to rebrand myself as a portrait/headshot and fashion photographer. I'm super excited to see where this path takes me!

First portrait shoot

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