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Photo talks no.1 - Prestige TF....

 I've decided to start writing a blog series, essentially ranting and raving about the photographic world. For the most part, it's a beautiful industry. But there are some real idiots out there. I personally try not to bitch too much about it all, but if it makes for some enthralling reading and gives you guys some light entertainment too, then it's all good!

The post below popped up on my personal Facebook account earlier today (I don't actually use Facebook much at all). Have a read of the post and hazard a guess as to why it got my back up a little. Go ahead, I'll wait..

All done? First off, I'd like to say that I'm all for TF work provided all parties benefit from it. Clearly, this post is an apparent PRESTIGE chauffer company seeking models... for free...! Oh actually, there will be exposure.. Because we all know how beneficial exposure is from a small start up company...

If the company is truly a prestige start up, there should be a budget of some sort. I mean advertising is a tax write off! And those prestige cars aren't cheap! What does an average model charge per hour..? If you're unsure, it's around £25 per hour average. Let's assume they will want all 6 models for 4 hours each (just to round it up to a nice easy figure). That'd be £100 per model, for a grand total of £600... That's not huge money by any means. Getting a pro model will cost you around that for a full day, without travel and other expenses.

Reading through the comments, around 95% of people have just laughed at this blatant attempt of exploitation. But there are still those ridiculous 5% that somehow see this as an 'opportunity' or their big break. These people are clearly idiots and help to devalue both the visual media and modeling industries. Spurring these people on is the original poster... She was trying to make out that doing this JOB would be the prestige chauffer company doing them a favor!

For the most part, the people that hold value in themselves won't even consider doing anything like this without some form of payment. If this is a real company trying to profit from exploitation then it should be boycotted immediately. The bunch of assholes.

Oh, and a final note, not only were they after models, but photographers and videographers to do all the post-production too... How much do you think a license to use the Savoy or Harrods name would cost...? Apparently enough that there is no budget for creative labour or even lunch...

Apparent prestige company looking for TF!

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